Tithonia Rotundifolia 50 Seeds, Mexican Sunflower Herb Daisy Shrub

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Tithonia rotundifolia
Also known as: Mexican Sunflower, Gold Flower of the Incas, Mexican Marigold

Add this charming and graceful plant to your garden and you will be rewarded with an abundant of happy butterflies, hummingbirds, and pollinators. Thriving in summer heat, this warm weather plant will produce brilliant orange and yellow daisy flowers, up to 3" across. Eye catching blooms will arrive midsummer and continue on for weeks into the fall. Pinching off dead blooms will promote continuous blooming. Makes for excellent fresh cut floral arraignments. Vigorously growing into a shrub up to 4-6ft tall and spreading 2-3ft wide where staking may be required. Features large, heart-shaped to lobed leaves that are covered with soft hair that deer stay clear of. It is a herbaceous plant that has been widely introduced as an ornamental.

Drought tolerant once established and blooming in full sun. Tolerates most pH levels, and loam or sandy type well draining soils. No need to fertilize. Fairly pest free and low maintenance .You can prevent slug and snail damage by sprinkling some diatomaceous earth or crushed eggshells on the soil surrounding the plants. Generally grown as a annual, but can be a perennial in its native range and frost free zones. USDA zone 9+

This offer is for 50 seeds.