Watsonia Borbonica (pink) 15 Seeds, Cape Bugle Bulb, Lily Garden Plants

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Watsonia Borbonica (pink)
Also known as: Cape Bugle Lily

An attractive herbaceous plant, with strikingly colored, trumpet-shaped flowers, that grows within the unique and diverse fynbos habitat of the Cape Floristic Region of South Africa. The broad, pointed green leaves give the base of the plant a fan-like appearance, and surround an elongated vertical flower spike, which bears up to 20 flowers. The large ornate flowers are pink in color, and are fragrant. It will grow 3-5 feet high and about 2-3 feet wide. The fruit is an egg-shaped, woody capsule, which contains many small, oblong winged seeds. It is a perennial and bulbous plant, and it is deciduous.

Grown in the same manner as Gladiolus. It will tolerate a somewhat wide range of soils, need a sunny, well-drained position which is fairly dry over winter when the bulbs are dormant. Plant corms in early spring and water regularly during the active growth phase. Occasional feeding during the growing season with small doses of organic fertilizer will improve flowering. Although adapted to a winter rainfall climate, it will thrive under summer rainfall conditions provided it is grown in well-drained soil. After flowering, the leaves and stems can be cut back. Clumps are best lifted and divided every three to five years after flowering, during the dormant season, and the corms re-planted immediately or stored and kept dry until the next growing season. Corms should be planted at a depth of approximately half their diameter. Corms will rot if over-watered or if planted in poorly drained soil. No serious insect or disease problems. Great for beds, borders or large containers.
USDA zone: 8 to 10
Family: Iridaceae (Iris family)

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