Aristolochia Tagala Vine 10 Seeds, Indian Birthwort, Medicinal Dutchman's Pipe Garden Flowers

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Aristolochia Tagala
Also known as: Indian Birthwort, Dutchman's Pipe.

Do you know that the availability of the butterflies "host plant" is a butterfly species only chance of existence? The reason is the caterpillars of a butterfly can only survive by feeding themselves on very specific plant species, and this vine is one of them. Two rare butterflies, the Common Birdwing and Common Rose, among many other local butterflies call this plant home.

This vigorous vine with long narrow flowers resembling pipes is widely distributed from the Himalaya to Sri Lanka through South East Asia (includes Myanmar, Indonesia, Indochina, and Thailand) and China, to Oceania (includes the whole of Malesia, the Solomon Islands and Queensland in Australia). The species is found in forests and open lowland thickets, climbing over bushes and trees. In Hong Kong, this species is under protection.

As well as being essential for the Cairns Birdwing, this species is the source of several traditional medicines. The Malays pound the leaves and apply the pulp to the head to reduce fever. In Indonesia, a poultice made with the leaves is applied to swollen abdomens or limbs. In the Philippines, snake-bites and malaria are treated with this plant. In parts of India, the roots are the source of a tonic to assist digestion, to release stomach and intestinal gas, and to stimulate menstruation.
Information about medicinal qualities of plants, or about their use as medicines, is for interest only, and is not intended to be used as a guide for the treatment of medical conditions.

Family: Aristolochiaceae
Zone Hardiness: 8-11
Vine: Deciduous, 10 ft,
Blooms: Summer, Continuous
Light: Full Sun to Light Shade
Moisture: Average to Moist, well drained, drought tolerant once established

This offer is for 10 seeds.