Mucuna Macrocarpa Vine Seed, Rare Rusty Leaf Muunai, Long Fruited

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Mucuna Macrocarpa
Also known as: The Rusty Leaf Mucuna, or the Long Fruited Muunai

A very large woody climber distributed throughout Taiwan and Southeastern Asia, but is said to be a native of the East Indies. Racemes can grow on an average of 21" long on mature vines and contain up to 90 beautiful purple and pale yellow flowers that take the shape of a parrots beak.

It makes a magnificent ornamental for warm temperate and tropical climates but needs a large established tree to climb on. Mucuna Macrocarpa is used in traditional and western medicine.
Family: Leguminosae

The large disk shaped seeds are rather hard to come by, hold their viability for many years, and are generally easy to germinate.

This offer is for 1 large seed.