Bambusa Tulda 10 Seeds, Indian Bengal Timber Bamboo, Spineless and Clumping

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Bambusa tulda
Also known as: Indian timber bamboo, spineless Indian bamboo, Bengal bamboo

Considered to be one of the most valuable multipurpose dense clumping evergreen bamboo species. It is native to the Indian subcontinent, Indochina, Tibet, and Yunnan, and naturalized in Iraq, Puerto Rico, and parts of South America.

Dull green to greyish white in color when young and greyish green when mature. It reaches a height of 6–23m with culm diameters between 5-10 cm. The young shoots are yellowish green in color with a powdery top. Shoots are slightly bitter and are suited to be pickled prior to being eaten. Fermented shoots are rich in phytosterols and can be used for the production of sterol drugs to lower cholesterol levels. It normally flowers gregariously for a period of 2 years in a cycle of 15-60 years, and produces viable seed.

In India it is used extensively by the paper pulp industry, but due to its nearly solid culms it is also an excellent and strong timber that can be used in construction, scaffolding, furniture, basketry, mats, household utensils, handicrafts, and wind breaking.

It prefers moist loamy and alluvial soils, fertile and well drained with high reserves of organic matter, nitrogen, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Optimal pH is in the range of 5 - 6. It enjoys semi-shaded areas but also succeeds in full sun. Average water needs. Hardy down to about 30F (-1c)

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