Cobaea Scandens Vine 10 Seeds, Cup & Saucer Climber, Cathedral Bells Garden Plant

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Cobaea Scandens Vine
Also known as: The Cathedral Bells, Cup & Saucer Vine

This truly beautiful perennial vine is from Central & South America. It's fast growing to about 15'-20' in just one season. A profuse bloomer from Summer to Fall. Deep large bell-like blooms are often 2.5" across, and start out creamy green, then turn to a rosy-violet, and finally mature to a deep purple. The vine does have tendrils and cling well to rough surfaces.

Hardiness zones 9-11 in the winter, making it an annual elsewhere. But can be grown in a container, pruned back, and brought to protection during cold times.

This offer is for 10 seeds.