Dianthus Superbus 100+ Seeds, Fragrant Fringed Pink, Flowering Garden Plants

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Dianthus Superbus
Also known as: Fringed Pink

This is a popular garden plant and is a close relative of the carnation. It is native to Europe and northern Asia, from northernmost Spain and France north to arctic Norway, and east to Japan. A Herbaceous biennial/perennial. The long stems are upright and strong and grow 40 to 50cm (16 to 20in) tall, they are finely branched and hold bouquets of exquisite fringed blooms. The flowers emit an unforgettable fragrance both night and day, and have been cultivated for their essential oils. Flowers will emerge around June and last to about August, prompt removal of spent flowers may prolong bloom period.

The leaves are edible when young, and can be eaten when boiled. The flowers contain sweet nectar, and the foliage can be eaten or boiled to make a drink. The plant contains toxic saponins, but not enough to be harmful. It has historically been used in Chinese herbology as a contraceptive, diuretic, and anti-infective.

Wonderful addition to a cottage/Informal/Natural Garden, Borders and Beds, Dry Gardens and Rockeries. It thrives in ordinary to dry soil in full sun for their best flowering; partial shade is preferred in extremely hot climates. They do not tolerate wet soil well, particularly in winter so don't plant them in a low spot where water collects and keep mulch away from the plants. Over watering and heavy clay soils are the kiss of death, quickly killing the plants from stem rot. It is self-sowing and can be propagated by seed, by division of the roots, layering of the stems or cuttings from growing shoots.
USDA zones 3-8.

This offer is for (approximately) 100+ small seeds.

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